Government IS on the side of the people

I had the pleasure of visiting my local Social Security Administration office today.  I walked in, looked at the packed waiting room, took a number and braced myself for a long wait.

Don’t kid yourself.  I knew this was coming.  Had planned for it and brought some work.  And let me tell you, despite the scoffs, huffs, puffs, a couple of crying kids, lack of wifi and security guard telling people to not use their cell phones…. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!  You’re shocked?   Did you read the part about lack of wifi and no cell phones?

Just over an hour of no internet, email, cell phone, or disruptions.  I was reading background for work, worked on a presentation, and in general did some deep thinking time.

Oh, and when I got in to see the government bureaucrat that everyone rails against on TV – let me tell you …. she smiled, laughed, was pleasant and helpful.  I was out of there in under 10 minutes with exactly what I needed.

I wish all my experiences turned out this well.

Sierra Nevada makes me Hoppy :-)

I usually don’t fall for the marketing hype of “anniversaries” and “specials” in terms of products. Hey, I do marketing for a living. I know what’s going on the mind in that product manager (“oooo, new label and a schtick. I’ll convince the distributors and put it on the shelves for a short while and see if I can increase the margin.”)

Well, let me say this to the marketing manager at Sierra Nevada….. THANK YOU!!!! I picked up a six pack of the Sierra Nevada Anniversary ale. It’s a very nice hoppy IPA that flows great and tastes even better after a stressful day at work. It went even better with the calzone and calamari we had from the local pizza joint.

They describe it much better on their website so feel free to bounce over there and get the description and such. But i’ll leave it at this….. it’s a limited release, I highly recommend you run out and grab a six pack. You’ll be glad you did.

The CERN Collider Messed Up my NPR

Despite what all those “experts” say about black holes forming and starting another big bang that consumers the world when they use that cool new CERN Atom Smasher, I found the real danger…

In the middle of a story on NPR this morning the radio suddenly started blaring country music (I like country music, just not when I’m getting my NPR fix).  I fiddled with the dial – hard to do now a days with a digital radio – and uncovered other oddities that I couldn’t explain.  I was picking up stations from Delaware and West Virgina quite clearly (note, I was NOT listening to AM or my cool big-antennae ham radio).

I have no other conclusion than to blame those darn scienctists messing with mother nature who sent microscopic gamma rays and nano-particles through the earth to my car’s radio just to mess with me.

Relaxation Beer

I know, I know!  It’s been over a month since I’ve posted.  You’re nagging me like my mother would for not doing my homework.  But hey, just like back in school I’ve still been drinking beer.

But tonight’s subject isn’t a review.  It’s a comment.  I just got home from attending my homeowner’s association meeting.  And you know, it’s sad to say that the only thing that makes this evening bearable is the cold beer I put in my hand as soon as I walked in.  And that’s the nice thing about a cold beer….. in moderation a good beer can save an otherwise unbearable evening.
Drink up friends.

Definition of Vetting

Is anyone else dismayed that with today’s news about VP candidates that the phrase “vetting definition” is currently #9 on Google’s list of hot search topics.  Do you mean to tell me that there are that many people out there that don’t know what it means to “vet a candidate”?

Sadly… there probably are.

The End Of Summer

I’ve known for a while it’s coming.  A few leaves have hit the ground, neighborhood kids are walking by the house with their football gear after practice, the sound of the high school band practicing hits my ears (the school is about a mile away and the drums carry through the treas).  So this weekend seemed like a great chance to grasp onto that last bit of summer freedom.

Starting with a crab feast the house of one of my wife’s co-workers to a walk and picnic at a local winery yesterday afternoon to kicking the kids out of the house to go get that last bit of fresh air before the work really kicks in.  It’s important to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment.  We spend our full days on the go and rarely take a chance to revel in the moment.  Meals are fuel for the next activity, drives are something we are doing to get to something we are supposed to do, watching television is to absorb information to make us smarter, etc.

So if you have do nothing this weekend…. good for you!  Take a moment.  Look up at the blue sky.  Eat a homemade plum pie.  Hug your kids.  Enjoy the moment.  Tomorrow, school starts and we all go back to work.  These moments don’t last long.

Speedracer Underwear, Don’t Fail Me Now!

I started a new job this week.  To quote an old client, “It’s like trying to get a sip of water from a fire hose.”  You know the feeling:  all new people to get to know, learning a new company and products, getting new projects, setting up your office, etc.

So after dinner this evening I’m folding laundry and I come across my son’s Speedracer Underwear.  I think to myself, “You know, it’s a shame these don’t come in ‘Big Boy’ size… these could probably come in handy.”

I think tomorrow I’ll just put on my Speedracer Underwear Mentality and see how that works.

Hey Brett, Don’t forget Joe Montana

I have two words for Brett Favre this morning…. Joe Montana.

I can appreciate that he wants to keep playing and be a part of the game he loves so much.  I can appreciate that he doesn’t want to retire (I know several people that “failed at retirement” and promptly went back to work).  But here’s where the logic fails me:

  • He was on top of his game
  • He has been one of the greatest quarterbacks ever
  • He could have gone out and been remembered for one of the best seasons ever in football
  • He was in a town that loved him so much streets and children were named after him

But now, he’s going to a team that was 4-12 last year, plays in a tougher division (yes, the Pats and Colts will STILL rock this year), and moving to a town that the only way to earn some respect is win the Super Bowl (I’ll betcha there are a bunch of New Yorkers who still think Eli Manning is a bad quarterback).  Why?  So he can still feel young?

And then there’s history.  Remember Joe Montana’s retirement?  Determined to keep playing he ended up in… Kansas City??!!!  He lasted two seasons and finally hung it up.  After which memories of “The Catch” and his super bowl comeback had faded.

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope Brett leads the Jets to the AFC championship.  But I won’t be surprised if he gets frustrated, booed and ultimately retires… again.

Empty Glass is on Vacation

And while usually that would mean no posts, for a dedicated beer reviewer like myself it just means more opportunities to sample and report back the goodness.

Of course my first stop on my vacation was to pick up a pair of flip-flops. While browsing the usually boring samples there was a glint of metal that caught my eye….. a pair of flip-flops with a bottle opener built in!! I’ll test it later and report back on it’s effectiveness.

But for now, here’s the first official beer review of the week. Since I’m staying on the Outer Banks of North Carolina I had to insist on buying some North Carolina beer. And although Highland Brewing Company is on the side of the state in Asheville, NC it barely fit my criteria so I picked up a 6 pack of the Cattail Peak Wheat Beer.

The website describes it as, “a complex malty body enhanced with traditional spicy noble hops and a smooth, crisp finish.” I, however, did not pick up on the malt body. But what I did notice – and enjoyed – were the hops which combined with the unfiltered texture made it a great lunch beer after a morning at the beach. Would I make it an every day beer? Probably not. But for experimenting and enjoying something different with a meal – most definitely.

It’s good to be 4-years-old

Today’s commentary comes from my wife who made this observation about my son:


Here is yet another reason you sometimes think that it would be great to be a kid again. Griffin and I went to Wal Mart the other day and I bought him new underwear. But they weren’t just any underwear. They were Speed Racer underwear.

From the back of the van he exclaims, “I love my Speed Racer underwear. They fit just right!”

Cheers to Speed Racer underwear!


Man, I it’s enough to make me try some Speed Racer underwear tomorrow and see how the day goes.