Relaxation Beer

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I know, I know!  It’s been over a month since I’ve posted.  You’re nagging me like my mother would for not doing my homework.  But hey, just like back in school I’ve still been drinking beer.

But tonight’s subject isn’t a review.  It’s a comment.  I just got home from attending my homeowner’s association meeting.  And you know, it’s sad to say that the only thing that makes this evening bearable is the cold beer I put in my hand as soon as I walked in.  And that’s the nice thing about a cold beer….. in moderation a good beer can save an otherwise unbearable evening.
Drink up friends.

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  1. gmr2048

    You actually attend those meetings? Hrm. Next time, let me know that you’re going and we can drink a few before heading to the meeting. I suppose I should start attending them as well, but can’t bear the though of doing so fully sober.

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