About This Blog

Thanks for visiting. For the record, this is my personal blog with my opinions and thoughts.

Over the years this blog has taken many forms from a free-flowing journal for abstract thoughts to personal blog to professional blog.  I’ve now decided it is time for the most recent evolution which will be a “whatever the hell I feel like blogging about” blog.  It’s my space to write about my personal life and feelings, work related stuff, random creativity and whatever else moves me.

Since I’m a pretty open book between work and personal life I figure this blog can blur those lines and live quite happily.

Here’s some of what I write about in this space:

  • Marketing and social media
  • Web site design and usability
  • Personal thoughts and ideas
  • Family and friends
  • Beer
  • Life

I’ll be doing some clean-up over the next few months and will also be pulling posts over from my other blog http://www.beersilike.com so it will be a work in progress.

In the meanwhile pick up the mouse, have a look around and happy reading. I look forward to any comments and engaging with you here.

One thought on “About This Blog

  1. Hi Ray,
    This maybe a long shot but I hope it is you. I am looking for the email address of your parents Frank and Annette. I had one but it doesn’t work anymore. It has been ages since we have met for the last time (probably 1993) but from what I gather you are doing well!

    Egon van der Hoeven
    (family of your dad’s)

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