About Me

So, what’s there to know about me? I live in Reston, Virginia, am married to my wonderful woman (26 years and counting),  have two amazing kids, have a passion for web technology and  marketing communications, and have a bunch of great friends.

I love going to Nats games, listening to a LOT of music, and I spend most of my free time on my bicycle (yes, I have 3 bikes: a road bike, mountain bike and a gravel bike).

I firmly believe in two principles:

  • Good people beget good people
  • Have compassion for others and understand where they are coming from (if you’ve read The Art of Happiness you know what I mean)

And my personal mission statement is:

My mission is to positively impact the lives of my community (personal and professional) by living a life filled with intention, inspiration, creativity, and exploration.

If you want to find me or connect, here’s how to get in touch

  • Email me – ray (at) vanhilst.net
  • Follow me on Twitter – @rvanhilst
  • Leave a comment


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