The CERN Collider Messed Up my NPR

Ray van Hilst Avatar

Despite what all those “experts” say about black holes forming and starting another big bang that consumers the world when they use that cool new CERN Atom Smasher, I found the real danger…

In the middle of a story on NPR this morning the radio suddenly started blaring country music (I like country music, just not when I’m getting my NPR fix).  I fiddled with the dial – hard to do now a days with a digital radio – and uncovered other oddities that I couldn’t explain.  I was picking up stations from Delaware and West Virgina quite clearly (note, I was NOT listening to AM or my cool big-antennae ham radio).

I have no other conclusion than to blame those darn scienctists messing with mother nature who sent microscopic gamma rays and nano-particles through the earth to my car’s radio just to mess with me.

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