Sierra Nevada makes me Hoppy :-)

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I usually don’t fall for the marketing hype of “anniversaries” and “specials” in terms of products. Hey, I do marketing for a living. I know what’s going on the mind in that product manager (“oooo, new label and a schtick. I’ll convince the distributors and put it on the shelves for a short while and see if I can increase the margin.”)

Well, let me say this to the marketing manager at Sierra Nevada….. THANK YOU!!!! I picked up a six pack of the Sierra Nevada Anniversary ale. It’s a very nice hoppy IPA that flows great and tastes even better after a stressful day at work. It went even better with the calzone and calamari we had from the local pizza joint.

They describe it much better on their website so feel free to bounce over there and get the description and such. But i’ll leave it at this….. it’s a limited release, I highly recommend you run out and grab a six pack. You’ll be glad you did.

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