Government IS on the side of the people

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I had the pleasure of visiting my local Social Security Administration office today.  I walked in, looked at the packed waiting room, took a number and braced myself for a long wait.

Don’t kid yourself.  I knew this was coming.  Had planned for it and brought some work.  And let me tell you, despite the scoffs, huffs, puffs, a couple of crying kids, lack of wifi and security guard telling people to not use their cell phones…. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!  You’re shocked?   Did you read the part about lack of wifi and no cell phones?

Just over an hour of no internet, email, cell phone, or disruptions.  I was reading background for work, worked on a presentation, and in general did some deep thinking time.

Oh, and when I got in to see the government bureaucrat that everyone rails against on TV – let me tell you …. she smiled, laughed, was pleasant and helpful.  I was out of there in under 10 minutes with exactly what I needed.

I wish all my experiences turned out this well.

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