My hopes for Bud Ale fade

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I hate to admit it… I’ve been looking forward to trying this new Budweiser American Ale. I’ve been thinking, “Wow, here’s a major brewer that’s finally listening to their customers and are saying we can deliver more than just a full and lite version of my swill. Maybe they’ll impress me.”

My delirium about expectations of a major brewer faded last night. I attended the National’s baseball game and Miller Lite was sponsoring a “1/2 way to St. Patty’s Day” promo complete with Irish dancers, bag-pipe playing firemen and green Nat’s hats with a Miller Lite logo on it. As I sat in the stands during the 3rd inning feeling a bit parched, the Beer Man came through. I thought “what they heck let’s get in the spirit and try a Miller Lite” (yes, my wife and kids did look at me like I had suddenly developed leprosy).

WHAT WAS I THINKING???? Ohhhh I felt suckered all right. But then I remembered, that this is the kind of marketing schtick that major beer brands go through. Create a bit of hope, pull you in and sell you some sort of beer flavored water.

Which brings me back to Budweiser American Ale….. Are you guys for real with a flavorful beer that adds to the experience? Or are you resorting to the same thing in a different package (with a higher price point) with the hopes of digging deeper into my pocket.

We’ll see.

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  1. gmr2048

    Good grief! “Half way to St. Patty’s day”? Do we, as a culture need another reason (pseudo holiday) to drink? Methinks not.I hadn’t seen the Bud Ale stuff, but I have seen a couple of Michelob commercials touting their non-run-of-the-mill brews that they claim to have won all sorts of awards for. I might…*might*…try one if I found it at a bar (and none of my friends were watching). But I don’t hold out high hopes for these johnny-come-latelys (sp?) to the craft brew game.

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