My hopes for Bud Ale fade

I hate to admit it… I’ve been looking forward to trying this new Budweiser American Ale. I’ve been thinking, “Wow, here’s a major brewer that’s finally listening to their customers and are saying we can deliver more than just a full and lite version of my swill. Maybe they’ll impress me.”

My delirium about expectations of a major brewer faded last night. I attended the National’s baseball game and Miller Lite was sponsoring a “1/2 way to St. Patty’s Day” promo complete with Irish dancers, bag-pipe playing firemen and green Nat’s hats with a Miller Lite logo on it. As I sat in the stands during the 3rd inning feeling a bit parched, the Beer Man came through. I thought “what they heck let’s get in the spirit and try a Miller Lite” (yes, my wife and kids did look at me like I had suddenly developed leprosy).

WHAT WAS I THINKING???? Ohhhh I felt suckered all right. But then I remembered, that this is the kind of marketing schtick that major beer brands go through. Create a bit of hope, pull you in and sell you some sort of beer flavored water.

Which brings me back to Budweiser American Ale….. Are you guys for real with a flavorful beer that adds to the experience? Or are you resorting to the same thing in a different package (with a higher price point) with the hopes of digging deeper into my pocket.

We’ll see.

One thought on “My hopes for Bud Ale fade

  1. Good grief! “Half way to St. Patty’s day”? Do we, as a culture need another reason (pseudo holiday) to drink? Methinks not.I hadn’t seen the Bud Ale stuff, but I have seen a couple of Michelob commercials touting their non-run-of-the-mill brews that they claim to have won all sorts of awards for. I might…*might*…try one if I found it at a bar (and none of my friends were watching). But I don’t hold out high hopes for these johnny-come-latelys (sp?) to the craft brew game.

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