Fall is in the air….

Ray van Hilst Avatar

And that can only mean one thing. Octoberfest!

After a long grueling day at work yesterday, I sped home took the dog for a good walk in the drizzling rain as a Nor’easter blows into Virginia. Wet leaves, chill in the air and it all added up to the first beer that caught my eye when I had to run to the grocery store for some last minute dinner supplies.

I figured, “I’ve held on to the light effervesence of the summer brews for a while. So long light, citrus. C-ya next year o’ delightful opacity of the unfiltered wheat. Bring on the full flavor and belly satisfaction of Octoberfest!”

So to celebrate my first official Octberfest brew of the season, I salute my Northern Virginia neighbor – Old Dominion Octoberfest. Bring it on boys. Football season and beer time. Always a surefire crowd pleaser.

Now, my wife reports that Wegman’s has a whole aisle of Octoberfest brews…. sounds like this project needs more research.

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