Hey Brett, Don’t forget Joe Montana

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I have two words for Brett Favre this morning…. Joe Montana.

I can appreciate that he wants to keep playing and be a part of the game he loves so much.  I can appreciate that he doesn’t want to retire (I know several people that “failed at retirement” and promptly went back to work).  But here’s where the logic fails me:

  • He was on top of his game
  • He has been one of the greatest quarterbacks ever
  • He could have gone out and been remembered for one of the best seasons ever in football
  • He was in a town that loved him so much streets and children were named after him

But now, he’s going to a team that was 4-12 last year, plays in a tougher division (yes, the Pats and Colts will STILL rock this year), and moving to a town that the only way to earn some respect is win the Super Bowl (I’ll betcha there are a bunch of New Yorkers who still think Eli Manning is a bad quarterback).  Why?  So he can still feel young?

And then there’s history.  Remember Joe Montana’s retirement?  Determined to keep playing he ended up in… Kansas City??!!!  He lasted two seasons and finally hung it up.  After which memories of “The Catch” and his super bowl comeback had faded.

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope Brett leads the Jets to the AFC championship.  But I won’t be surprised if he gets frustrated, booed and ultimately retires… again.

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