Longboards and flops

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Yesterday I mentioned a cool new pair of flip-flops with a built in beer bottle opener.  This evening’s beer provided a perfect test for the ultimate beach accessory.  I’m sad to say this one really disappoints.  

The problem is that a good bottle opener combines leverage with grip to easily open your beer.  The positioning of the hardware where you couldn’t get any leverage meant that you need extra force to open the beer…. all of which shook up the beer and did not make for a good start.
The good thing is the beer itself provided an EXCELLENT finish — Longboard Lager from Kona Brewing Company.  No, it’s not a local brew but I couldn’t pass on the idea of a surfing inspired beer during a beach vacation.  So as I eased into the hot-tub with the kids it was a great end to a vacation day.  As lagers go, not much special about it.  But since beers are best experienced as a point in time… it was just right. 

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  1. Auntie Pockets

    OMG — One of my all time faves from living in Hawaii! Kona Brew also has a Passion Fruit ale that is VERY refreshing!!!

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