The End Of Summer

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I’ve known for a while it’s coming.  A few leaves have hit the ground, neighborhood kids are walking by the house with their football gear after practice, the sound of the high school band practicing hits my ears (the school is about a mile away and the drums carry through the treas).  So this weekend seemed like a great chance to grasp onto that last bit of summer freedom.

Starting with a crab feast the house of one of my wife’s co-workers to a walk and picnic at a local winery yesterday afternoon to kicking the kids out of the house to go get that last bit of fresh air before the work really kicks in.  It’s important to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment.  We spend our full days on the go and rarely take a chance to revel in the moment.  Meals are fuel for the next activity, drives are something we are doing to get to something we are supposed to do, watching television is to absorb information to make us smarter, etc.

So if you have do nothing this weekend…. good for you!  Take a moment.  Look up at the blue sky.  Eat a homemade plum pie.  Hug your kids.  Enjoy the moment.  Tomorrow, school starts and we all go back to work.  These moments don’t last long.

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