An Unfocused Mind

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I went to yoga tonight.  Not a big deal.  Except my mind wouldn’t let me focus.

“Breath in. Breath out. Downward dog.  Shake head. Random Thought.”

It was like that all night.  I tried focusing on my breathe, think about my muscle that’s twitching, anything to clear my mind.  Didn’t work.  Result?  A not very enjoyable class.  Too distracted and no fealing of results.

As I sit here relaxing after class, what really amazes me is how your mindset determines the result?  A few days ago I said to myself and my colleagues “it’s gonna be a big day”.  Lo and behold it was.  Now tonight, i couldn’t get into a good mindset and ended up lost in my own  mind.

The brain is an amazing thing.  I’ll try to focus mine more tomorrow.

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