5 Years Go By in the Blink of an Eye

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I was reminded yesterday on several fronts of how much things have changed over the past 5 years of my life.

I celebrated my 5th anniversary at my job. When I walked in here 5 years ago my company was 20 people, our DC office sublet space from a client for 3 of us, I was one of our first “marketing people”, and I was just learning how to work in an agency. Now we’re 60 people, our DC office occupies it’s own space with 14 people and I feel like I’ve settled into a groove. Over the years I’ve lead at some point around 15 accounts and have touched countless others. I’ve traveled quite a bit and met a slew of new people. Done some good work and done some merely OK work. But what has really struck me is how much I’m still learning on a daily basis and trying to keep up with my job. Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile marketing, etc. The whole world is shifting around us as we try to stay afloat in a shaky economy.

But then I walked into the house when I came home. My wife and kids had dug out the video camera and were watching old home movies. Pictures of Riley’s first birthday party, our first trip to the beach, Griffin’s first birthday. The kids have gotten so big and time has flown by. You quickly forget the good times and in the hustle and bustle the memories fade into the mess of our brains.

Case in point is the video I made for Riley’s 5th Birthday which was already a year and half ago (and she’s changed so much since then)

The point? Slow down for a few minutes a day and enjoy your time. Look around and enjoy the moment with your friends, family and co-workers. These times don’t come back. Make them yours and savor them.

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