Dogs as Footwear

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My friend Bob has written a rather irreverent book that gives insight into all the fun things you can make from left over animal parts. Today’s installment from Sundried Aardvark Tongue Swizzle Sticks is useless/usefull bit of trivia about French Poodles and how they can keep your feet warm on a cold winter night:

There was a time (not recently mind you) that the Poodle was a majesticPoodle Slippers sporting dog, bred to retrieve game from bodies of water. It was German gun dog and was correctly referred to as a Pudel. Well the yappy puff-balls that exist today are a far cry from their hardworking sporting dog roots. If it’s not a sporting dog or a working dog it doesn’t get much respect from us. In the case of the poodle we have rehabilitated these miscreants by fashioning them into French-Poodle Slippers. Tossed aside by frustrated owners and culled by local humane societies, the carcasses of these animals are usually cremated at the taxpayer’s expense. We have broken that wasteful cycle by converting these castaways into cozy comfort for your feet. Good Dog.

At last! We found a use for those pesky yip dogs!

Enjoy and take a visit to his site. Heck, while you’re there sign up for his newsletter and get your own fun tidbits.

Disclaimer: Yes, I’m a friend of his and I’m helping promote his book and site. But I really think its funny or I wouldn’t put it here.

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