Variety is the spice of life. Hand me a turtle!

Ray van Hilst Avatar

Or so they say about things in general. And in looking at my fridge right now I’m one spicy kinda guy. I have at least 5 different beers in there and that doesn’t even count my home-brew that’s lagering.

But the one that has captured my palette tonight is Big Hoppy Monster from Terrapin Beer Co. A friend was visiting from out of town last week and brought this one over because her husband is friends with the brewmaster. I’ve been drinking a good bit of Dogfish Head lately so I wasn’t to hopped up about hops so I held off until this weekend and had another tonite.

OMG!!! What was I waiting for? At first glance when pouring it into the glass it had all the appearance of a mix between an amber and a porter with a lovely tone to it. And then… and I swear I’m not making this up… it seemed to be almost have texture just in looking at it. Ahh… and the first taste. Yep. Hoppy just like the name. But not overpowering like some IPAs are. It was just right and provided a perfect balance of malt and hops to top off the evening.

So, I have two thoughts I look at my now empty glass:

1) Gotta run to Whole Foods and pick more up (that’s where my friend found it)
2) I really need to go visit my friend and her husband so I can go visit the masters of this brew.

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