Smokestacks and Empty Promises

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I was inpsired on a car ride over the Thanksgiving weekend and pulled out the iPhone to stretch the creative legs.


Smokestacks and Empty Promises

Silent smokestacks along the Ohio
Rusted metal paints the landscape
A barge pushes the remnants of a now silent economy
As dark skies magnify a disgruntled mood

Memories of a by gone era
When a hard days work provided a good wage
Good times, good living and good friends were once calling
But all that’s left are empty promises

Moving east across the highlands
A scarred earth is all that’s left
Where men descended into darkness
To provide the coal that fueled our lives

Rolling down from piedmont to plains
What passes for civilization rises into the sky
A generation who toils with hands dust free and clean
Forgetting the past we all left behind

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