Account Management is just like Whitewater Kayaking

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I made an interesting analogy this morning…. managing accounts and clients is just like navigating a Class V whitewater rapid.

The good ones are joys to work with and make the work fun.  In whitewater terms, this is like catching that perfect glassy wave and surfing for days or putting your boat into a soft rodeo hole and doing endless 360’s.

The exciting ones are big projects with big ideas that have to happen fast.  Not unlike dropping into the big 20 foot waves of Middle Keeney on the New River at 6 feet.  Big fast, paddling to stay ahead of getting whumped by a wave.

Congratulations and awards are like popping an ender or that perfect boof.

But then there’s the downside…. late and inconclusive feedback, small budgets, impossible timelines.  In whitewater terms, this is called “getting maytagged”.

I’m just hoping that we all wash out into the pool at the bottom of the rapid in one piece without getting stuffed under an undercut.

Of course there’s one big difference in this analogy…. you can portage a rapid……

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