Too Old for Rock-n-Roll?

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I didn't think so….

I had a surreal experience last night (albeit a great one). My friend George and I went to see The Killers last night at the Patriot Center at George Mason University. A couple of interesting things happened:

1) George got the tickets from a friend of his who is a student at GMU. So our seats were in the student section. You can imagine the sight of two 37 year olds (one bald and one almost grey) in the student section surround by 18-22 year olds.

2) One of the bands that opened was a Japanese band playing Beatles cover tunes. it was interesting seing an arenea of mostly 20 somethings singing songs more than 40 years old.

3) Yes, I am too old. While the music was good, it was definately mixed very poorly with too much bass and became acoustic mush. I unfortunately left early (althought I told myself it was to get ahead of the traffic).

So, I'll put my headphones back on and keep listening to alternative music and expanding my tastes as much as I can. And when the opportunity arises I'll go to another show and see what I can do to not feel so old next time.

And if you're looking for new music, check out my colleagues blog at:

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