Why this and Time Goes By

Ray van Hilst Avatar

2 thoughts for the day:

1st – Why am I doing this? Well a coworker asked me yesterday if I have a blog. I said no and gave some BS answer. Then I realized “Why don't I”? I'm telling all my clients and such that it's a good idea. Yet I don't know how or what to do to create one? Stop living the lie. Get off your ass and do something. So here we are.

2nd – 14 years. Some may say it's a long time. But for me it's been a flash. I realized/remember last night that I first met Annie 14 years ago. We had our first date sometime during March Madness and came home from a movie to watch a game. If you would have told me that night that I'd be where I am now I would said “go pound a pint” (or something to that effect). Time flies by. Particularly when you are blessed with someone you love so much.

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