Amazing Artwork Available

Ray van Hilst Avatar

If you haven’t noticed it yet, my child Ryan is an amazing artist.  They have been painting for number of years and each new piece they creates just amazes me.

Ry is starting to realize other people like their art and would be willing to pay for it. So we have been working with an art reproduction company to have giclee prints made of some of her art for sale.

For details on the pieces available, please visit the page I built – Art by Ry

Or go ahead and flip through the gallery below.

By the way… Ry is also a talented singer and will be performing in the American Choral Director’s Association National Honor Choir in Minneapolis in March, 2017. Proceeds from the sale of their art will be going to cover the cost of her appearing in this performance.

To order any pieces or ask any questions, feel free to email me –

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