3 Steps to Launching Your Online Community – Upcoming Webinar

Ray van Hilst Avatar

Online communities and private social networks are taking over the association space as organizations look for new ways to connect with members, keep them engaged and generate revenue.  However while it seems that the hard work is picking a platform and setting it up, your real work has just begun.

Next week, I’ll be giving a webinar for the Avectra Academy on the Care and Feeding of Your Association’s Social Network.

It’s free and packed with lots of information you can immediately put to good use so I hope you’ll sign up.  Here’s some more detailed information.

WHEN:  Tuesday, October 21 at 1 PM ET

While fall is harvest time across most of the country, for associations now is the time to plant the seeds of future success with the launch of a private social network.  While there are technical hurdles such as platform selection and integration, the real effort starts once the technology is in place and the field work is handed off to the program managers.

Join us for a look at the important steps and processes to put in place to make sure you plant a fruitful and engaging social network for your members.

This information packed webinar will offer:

  • Free or low-cost ways to promote your network and get members’ participation
  • Building a roll-out plan to ease your members into the community
  • Getting your members involved to ease the workload on your staff
  • Creating a promotional plan and launching your online communities
  • Creating a plan to keep the community growing

Register online today and I hope to see you there.

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