Rediscovering The Value of a Session Beer – Brawler Ale

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I picked up some Brawler Ale from Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia over the weekend and opened my first bottle the other night.  I was quite impressed by the malt flavor and overall color and experience of the beer.  It presented well, very balanced and was real enjoyable…. and yet I kept feeling like something just wasn’t quite right.

As I prepared dinner this evening my wife was enjoying a Brawler and commented how much she liked it.  So I reached in and grabbed another.  As I opened it I actually bothered to read the label this time (yes, like most men I don’t always RTFM) and then I realized why it had struck me as odd.

“crafted in the style of English session ales”

Ahh…. that explains it.  I’ve been on a Dogfish Head trip lately enjoying Midas Touch, 60 Minute IPA and others all that have higher alcohol levels. So as asession beer crosses my lips are like “hey! were’s the rest of the beer???”

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this beer.  Good flavor and enjoyable to drink as I sit here writing this post and watching a hockey game.  I think just in knowing that it is a session beer made a difference and makes it a complete beer experience.

Lesson learned?  Read the full label and know what I’m buying and drinking.  Also, not every enjoyable beer has to be super hopped or high alcohol.

(Oh and if you’re wondering what a session beer is, here’s a great article from Beer Advocate.)

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  1. Eric Sveum

    I've enjoyed reading your posts.

    On the way other spectrum of beer you have to listen to NPR's This American Life about Natty Light.


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