iTunes Playlists Crossing into Real Life

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I created a fun new playlist this morning and one of the first songs in it is the remix of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman.  It’s a great song which I’ve loved for the past couple of years since I added it to my music library.

Except it’s been hijacked by a commercial for the Eris phone by HTC.  I’m not sure to feel hip and cool because I’m already in the know or jilted because know I’ll think of the phone everytime I hear the song.

Of course it’s better than the moment I had a few years ago when I hard a piece of easy listening/elevator music while on hold with a doctor’s office and realized I had that song in my library too.  (I’m nothing if not diverse).

In the meanwhile, here’s the video for Sinnerman for your enjoyment.

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