The choice formula changes

Ray van Hilst Avatar

The hardest thing in life is choice.  And since I love a great seasonal beer there’s no better feeling than peering at the choice of brews in the beer aisle. My usual rule is to choose the small, local brew if I’m weighing an option of two similar brews.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was recently face with a choice of two seasonal winter brews. Either Old Dominion’s Baltic Porter or Michelob’s Winter Cask Ale.  Usually it would be an easy choice – my rules for local small guy would make me go with the Dominion.
But here’s the rub.  Old Dominion is no longer local.  With the recent news that Old Dominion is closing the Ashburn based brewery.  So now my math has changed.  A beer that’s local in name only or an attempt by a large St. Louis based brewery to try something different with better quality.
My decision?  You’ll need to read the previous post to find out :-).

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