First memories of witnessing history

Ray van Hilst Avatar

My children witnessed history this week.   My 4 year old son has been proudly wearing his “Little Democrat. Big Obama Fan” shirt for the past 2 weeks anyway but he didn’t really comprehend what it meant (other than he got to stay up late to watch speeches).

We woke the kids up early on Tuesday and stood in line at 6 AM to go vote.  As much as we asked them to be quiet they felt the need to every now and then say “Go Obama” (our districtic is most definitely liberal so everyone fortunately laughed).  We then woke up the next morning after I told them that Obama won and watched his speech as a family on YouTube.

I thought back to the first election that I remember.  1976 and Jimmy Carter.  I remember being in my parents bedroom and talking about the election though I don’t remember what was said.  Quite frankly until this election and thinking about what my kids would remember I hadn’t even thought about it.

So, 20 or 30 years from now when their kids are recognizing their first presidential election what will they say?  Will they remember the energy and passion, the tears of joy in everyone’s eyes, the feeling of hope and will they remember what is yet to come (which we can really only guess)?  And what will they tell their kids about that time?

Political feelings aside, this has been a momentous week.  How will we remember it and how will our kids remember it.   I pray they have fond memories and feel hopeful.

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