If You Must Celebrate Oktoberfest With Only One Beer

Ray van Hilst Avatar

…. Make it Ayinger’s Oktober Fest-Marzen.

I received an amazing gift over the weekend in the form of beer gift basket. I decided to open one of the individual Oktober Fest beers this evening.

I opened the freezer and reached in to grab the frosted glass. The bottle opener paused on its own as it moved to remove the bottle cap. Poetry and art in a bottle cap? You know when someone puts that much effort into a bottle cap the beer that is about to come is going to be great.

Smooth amber crawls up the glass replacing the frost. A white foam gathers at the top saying “smell me”. And when the lips touch the beer…..

Well, here’s where the story is best told by others.

Suffice it to say, I’ll have to find some more. I usually espouse the virtues of local brews. But it was a wonderful break from my usual pattern to try the Ayinger.

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