Cheers from Charm City

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It’s been a Baltimore Beer day.  We had a happy hour at work this afternoon to celebrate new business.  As our HR person ran out to get some beers she asked for some recommendations. My advice? “Go local, don’t bring me back none of that generic, mass produced, get it anywhere in the world swill.”

So I was quite pleased to open the bridge and see some of Baltimore’s own Clipper City Beer.  I’ve been a fan of their beer for quite a while – personal fave is the Small Craft Warning. However today the fridge had McHenry.  I’ve enjoyed McHenry at Camden yards many times, but in this setting it was a very refreshing beverage.  I’ve got to admit it was the perfect fit for a company happy hour — light and refreshing but not to heavy as to hamper conversation.
But even an better beverage was waiting for me when when I got home.  As I looked in the fridge there was a six pack of BaltoMarZhon.  Rich amber color, malty flavor and poured into a chilled glass makes the perfect way to end the day.
I hope you get a chance to look for these beers.  Even better, drop by their site or if you want some insight as to their beers, check out master brewer Hugh Sisson’s Blog.
As they say in Baltimore, “Cheers Hon!”

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  1. gmr2048

    Just picked up yesterday and already a fave:Clipper City – Heavy Seas, Peg Leg StoutI can see keeping a 6 of this on hand for a good long time. Mmmmmm good. A nice change from my usual drink of choice: extra hoppy ales.-gary

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