Official Beer of Summer?

Ray van Hilst Avatar

Summer has hit hard here in Virginia.  The thermostat hit 95 degrees with the humidity of a southern swamp.  

So after a brisk walk with the family and dog it was nice to come home and as I started cooking dinner I grabbed the chilled glass from the freezer dropped a slice of lemon and wafted in the aromatic scent of …. Hefeweisen.
Flavor, body, aroma without being heavy.  Now, my choice tonight was Widmer’s Hefeweisen, but I’ve also lately enjoyed a cold class of Pyramid and Erdinger.  It depends on how you define the traditional wheat beer depending on the Belgian and German variety,  but for me many unfiltered beers fall into this category and satisfy my taste for a refreshing light beer that isn’t just another light beer.
Now from a beer snob’s point of view one of the nice things about the popularity of hefeweisens is that it has also helped major manufacturers see the light and bring some better options to market.  From Blue Moon (made by Coors) to Shock Top (made by Budweiser) tastes and options are opening up for others.
So enjoy the heat and humidity.  A relax with a cold glass of My Official Beer of Summer.

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