Everyday Green Choices

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I’ve been thinking lately about lifestyle choices and how they affect the environment.  I was jarred last night by a documentary on the Sundance Channel called Burning the Future: Coal in America.

As a former resident of West Virginia, I’ve always been dismayed by the practice of mountain topping to remove coal.  I knew the damage it does to the beauty that defies “Almost Heaven, West Virginia” but I hadn’t thought about the toll it takes on the humans that still live there.  We make a big deal about workers in China and the impact of our gloabalization, but we don’t take into consideration that powering our computers and homes means that people with no other economic options are drinking contaminated water or living in fear of a slag pile collapsing in a heavy storm and drowning their whole family.

For more information visit http://www.burningthefuture.com

I don’t have any answers…. but just something that we should consider.  Now go turn out some lights.

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