How Hillary lost Griffin’s vote

Ray van Hilst Avatar

We’re sitting down to dinner last night – something all good families should do.  And the telephone rings.

Griffin – my 3 year old son – likes to answer the phone so I figure if someone has the audacity to call at that time, they can speak to him.

“Hello, may I ask who’s speaking?”



I’m wondering what’s going on so I walk over and check out the Caller ID and it says “Hillary Clinton”!  Wow, Hillary took time from the campaign trail to call my house… and she’s engaging the youth vote and trying to recruit my son too!!!  So I keep listening to his side of the conversation to see how he’s going to ask her the tough questions (e.g. “So what’s your position on nap time reform?” “What kind of stimulus package do you have for snack?”

And he rebuts…. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”  And then the line goes dead.

Well G-man, sometimes we don’t understand what they’re saying either.  Guess you’ll have to wait and see if Barack Obama calls tonight and if he makes any more sense.

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