Dodge Minivans Suck

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I’m sitting in the repair waiting room of a Dodge dealer getting my Grand Caravan fixed…. AGAIN!

I just spent $350 on the second brake job in less than 60,000 miles and now there’s a sensor out that’s affecting the ABS which is going to cost another $180. Now keep in mind this is on top of about $2,000 in other repairs we have made in the past year. All on a vehicle with less than 70K miles. (yes, i have done the standard maintenance).

I complained to the service manager and got a bullshit story of “yeah, the year they switched your body model they have had lots of problems that they have discovered. But in the new ones they really road tested and made sure they had worked out the kinks.”

Worked out the kinks on the new ones? That’s nice. WHAT ABOUT MY PIECE OF CRAP VEHICLE???!! Oh yeah, I’m outside the 36,000 warranty so I’m screwed. Nice service. Nice way to say “we stand behind our quality vehicles”

Last Dodge that I buy. I’ll buy a Honda minivan next time. At least when you pay more you get a better quality vehicle. Be warned.

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