There’s something to be said for being thankful

Ray van Hilst Avatar

The day started with the usual fuss – alarm clock, make coffee, iron outfit for Annie, wake kids, argue and push them to wake up, get dressed, Annie out the door, shower, “kids, did you eat your breakfast?”, get us all out the door, etc. The normal stuff that wears on you every day and makes you scream STOP!

But then on the way to work, I had the pleasure of a phone call from my sister. She’s a nurse in a Trauma/ICU/critical care unit and let’s just say she doesn’t see people at the best moments of their lives. She briefly relayed the story of a 17 year old patient who was declared brain dead and the parents who had to watch it while dealing with the recent loss of a young child.

Wow. I suddenly appreciate my kids and that hectic morning. And the stress of the impending day doesn’t seem that bad and that I can take on anything.

I hope we all take a moment to stop and be thankful for the normal stress and aggravations of our lives. All things considered, if you’re reading this you have it pretty good.

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