The American Dream?

Ray van Hilst Avatar

I've been wondering a good bit lately about the state of the American dream.

I should qualify that I have a good life. Decent home that holds a wonderful wife and two healthy (and smart) kids. Good job, close friends, healthy, etc. But I can't help feel like I could lose it all at a moment's notice. I've got a small safety net but not enough to make it through something major.

And I look at what's around me and wonder if I've peaked or still have somewhere to go. Now granted, I live in Fairfax County Virginia… a den of unrealistic opulence in its own right (Beverly Hills, CA has nothing on NoVA). But what I see I know is unattainable – single family home, vacations, somewhat decent car, etc.

But come on. Material things aren't the American Dream are they? If it is, we've created the society that is speeding up the demise of our planet (ever heard of sustainability). So then it's family time. Growing toward's Mazlow's peak of hierarchy. And yet, to keep up with the financial requirements of a family, we work harder and push back toward the materialistic dream. It's a vicious circle, isn't it.

At any rate, it all continues. I have a 6 AM flight in the morning and need to get up at 3:30 AM. So the circle/race continues…. and I'm still looking over that next horizon to see if the American dream is there.

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