A New Twist on ADHD

Ray van Hilst Avatar

Fingers moved across the keyboard as melodies poured from my head ended up as music in the air. Warming up with a bit of Mozart, seque to Joplin and touch of Beethoven. The money music came when I started messing around with some interesting melodies. A minor, G with a transition to C. Nice stuff. Kept me going for about 10 minutes. Then back to the traditional stuff.

Oddly enough, 20 minutes later I couldn't remember the melody of what I was playing (although I was entranced by it at the time). Jumping all over the place and back again. Sounds a bit like work.

I guess, I'll call it “Musical ADHD” which sounds better than “inability to focus.”

And now I sit here starting my work day. Substitute clients, projects, admin work and such for Mozart, Joplin and Beethoven. A burst of creativity will come at some point like what I was playing last night (but this time I'll take notes and remember it).

The ADHD continues.

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