About This Blog and Site

Thanks for visiting. For the record, this is my personal blog and website with my opinions and thoughts.

Over the years this blog has taken many forms from a free-flowing journal for abstract thoughts to personal blog to professional blog.  I’ve now decided it is time for the most recent evolution which will be a “whatever the hell I feel like blogging about” blog.  It’s my space to write about my personal life and feelings, work related stuff, random creativity and whatever else moves me.

Since I’m a pretty open book between work and personal life I figure this blog can blur those lines and live quite happily.

Here’s some of what I write about in this space:

  • UX Strategy
  • Marketing and social media
  • Web site design and usability
  • Personal thoughts and ideas
  • Family and friends
  • Beer, music, food and other fun things
  • Life

In the meanwhile pick up the mouse, have a look around and happy reading. I look forward to any comments and engaging with you here.

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